Michael C. Garver, D.M.D.
Director, Wellness Program
Phone: 251-605-2883
Fax: 251-252-9112


The Board of Pharmacy has a program that encourages voluntary reporting, assists in evaluation and treatment referrals and with cooperation on the part of the affected individual will support re-entry to the profession.
In 1989 the Board, through law, established an advisory panel that the Board relies on for guidance on issues of the recovering pharmacist. The program is comprised of representatives from the pharmacy community that are interested in these issues and a Pharmacy Wellness Program Director, Mike Garver. (Mike is the only person who knows the identity of the referrals to the Pharmacy Wellness Program.)

The Mission of the program is to promote the early identification, intervention, rehabilitation, monitoring and successful re-entry of recovering pharmacists, interns, and pharmacy technicians into the profession. BOPWELLNESS will also provide ongoing education regarding issues of recovery.

The program has developed suggested policies and procedures for Board approval regarding every aspect of assisting the recovering pharmacist and his/her family. This covers everything from reporting, to getting a thorough evaluation of the individual’s specific case with specialists, to appropriate treatment referrals, to assistance in preparing for a Board hearing.

Through the Pharmacy Wellness Program Director, the Board monitors the pharmacist upon successful completion of treatment with the goal of re-entry to the profession through ongoing support and monitoring for five years. While this may seem lengthy and perhaps invasive, monitoring provides the most reliable form of accountability, which, in the interest of public protection, enables the Board to allow people back to work safely. Monitoring provides a measure of legal protection for the affected individual and is also the number one reason why the recovery rates are so high for healthcare professionals!

THE LAW The Code of Alabama {1975} Section 34-38-2 states that “it shall be the duty and obligation of the state board….of pharmacy to promote the early identification, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals within their respective jurisdiction, licensed to practice in the state of Alabama, who may be impaired by reason of illness, inebriation, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, alcohol, chemicals or other dependent forming substances, or as a result of any physical or mental condition rendering such person unable to meet the standards of his or her profession.”

DR. MICHAEL C. GARVER, D.M.D., has a history of over 20 years of working with recovering health professionals and Boards in their monitoring programs. Being in recovery while actively maintaining his practice has enabled him to bring a unique perspective to assisting health professionals who have had problems with all types of addiction and substance abuse problems. With training in intervention, relapse prevention, co-dependency issues, Dr. Garver is able to assist the health professional in all phases of their recovery, from the re-integration with family and practice to the important aspects of recovery beyond the contract periods mandated by Boards.


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