Individuals having Board Action taken by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners:

August 2022Kevin R. Diel, MD
August 2022Yamima Bashir, MD
August 2022John P. Scanlon, MD
August 2022Laurence J. Cibley, MD
August 2022Ludonir C. Sebastiany, MD
July 2022Vinit V. Patel, MD
June 2022Iqbal Inder Singh, MD
June 2022Craig C. Oliver, DO
May 2022Elizabeth C. Korcz, MD
May 2022Edward G Witt, DO
April 2022Terry Robinson, PA
April 2022David Lapides, MD
March 2022Charles P. Bennett, MD
March 2022Charles R. Law, MD
March 2022David K. Williamson, MD
March 2022Robert D. Shedden, DO
February 2022Matthew N. Parker, MD
February 2022Russell W. Stevens, MD
February 2022William C. Freeman, MD
February 2022Kevin R. Diel, MD